Every few years, businesses should update either their hardware or software to newer editions. The process of moving your data and services from your old systems to your newer ones is called Migration.

Symptoms of aging infrastructure:

  • Hard-to-trace internet outages
  • Fluctuating speeds at random intervals
  • Unexplained data loss or corruption
  • Connection issues to your existing server or file share
  • Signal interference and general safety hazards

Migration Services


Servers are essential in helping a major business WindowsServerAlert.fw_run effectively. Your servers should be evaluated and replaced just like your desktop computers. Over time, the hardware ages; internal batteries run down, hard drives die, software that once was smooth now grinds along. Unsupported server software can leave your business data at risk.

Through proven processes, we are able to move all of your user data and services to a new platform, and make sure that your business systems are running in top shape for years to come!


Nobody should have to settle for an old, slow computer. As hard as it is to believe, the lost productivity from an old computer can truly affect your bottom line. The “end of Windows XP” hasn’t truly been the end. As of April 2015, a full year after the end of support, there were over 250 MILLION computers still running the obsolete and insecure system.

Don’t let that happen to you. Windows 10 is the newest Operating System from Microsoft. TCSP was proud to be part of the Windows Insider program, having early access to the new system. We know Windows 10, what has changed, what works, and what doesn’t. Let us help you make the change, and get your business on-board with the newest and fastest systems available.


Apple computers are challenging for a business. The system itself requires you to change the way you think about computing, and how you perform your daily work. TCSP has experienced Apple technicians, who can work closely with you to switch to Apple, away from Apple, or just navigate through the changes in OS X.


How many servers does your business have? Are they constantly working, or do they just sit around waiting for work more often than not? For many small and medium-sized businesses, virtualization has been a way to get more value out of your servers, reduce the amount of equipment, and simplify support. Virtualization also helps you move your services to different hardware as your business grows, and is far easier to backup and to recover in the event of a disaster.

TCSP has experience with several server virtualization technologies and can help you reduce your equipment sprawl, better utilize your resources, and simplify your support workload all in one step. We will work with you to plan, migrate, and support all sizes of virtualized infrastructure.

Please contact us if you are considering a migration to a new system.